About Us

Foundation for Recovery is Nevada’s Statewide Recovery Community Organization (RCO) – a community nonprofit led by volunteers and staff in recovery from mental health and substance use disorders.

Recovery Support Services

  • Providing enriching and welcoming community spaces across Nevada through our Recovery Community Centers
  • Welcoming mutual aid meetings supporting all pathways to recovery and spreading group supports in communities across the state
  • A peer-based approach, providing Peer Recovery Support Specialist training and one-on-one peer recovery support services, in-person, over the phone and through tele-recovery.
  • Integrating recovery supports in existing institutions and systems through our faith-based and recovery-friendly workplace initiatives.

Education & Training

  • Providing quality training curricula for people and communities of recovery, including the IC&RC endorsed 46-hour Peer Recovery Support Specialists training and the Recovery Leadership Academy.
  • Workshops for key recovery communities, like our Women’s Empowerment Series.
  • Educating the general public through outreach initiatives and public awareness campaigns.
  • Webinars and advising for agencies, businesses, and institutions.


  • Advocating for sensible recovery-oriented public policies for the just treatment of people in or seeking recovery.
  • Advancing Peer Supports and Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care across Nevada
  • Building a statewide coalition of people in recovery, family members, and key stakeholders through the Nevada Recovery Network
  • Registering people in recovery as voters
  • Being advocates for ourselves and our peers on our recovery journeys.
  • Sharing our stories of recovery

Our Mission & Vision

Foundation for Recovery’s mission is to promote the positive impact of recovery from substance use and co-occurring disorders and enhancing the lives of individuals and families affected by the disease of addiction. Our programs and partnerships open pathways to recovery by removing social barriers and creating opportunities for those seeking and maintaining long-term recovery.

Our vision is that addiction, mental illness and co-occurring disorders are recognized as treatable and that individual and family recovery is seen as an acceptable and sought after means for achieving a balanced and healthy life. The Foundation for Recovery promotes and highlights the positive experiences of people in long-term recovery and focuses our programs and initiatives on facilitating the benefits of recovery.

Our Story

Established in 2005, Foundation for Recovery’s programs and partnerships open pathways to recovery by removing social barriers and creating opportunities for those seeking and maintaining long-term recovery.

From our vision stems these core values: to inform, educate, facilitate, organize, advocate and serve. 

Together we

  • Inform about addiction and recovery.
  • Educate to enhance knowledge.
  • Facilitate pathways to recovery.
  • Organize community stakeholders.
  • Advocate to reduce stigmas and barriers.
  • Serve our community.

Working With Individuals, Families, & Organizations

Individual Peer Support

We provide one-on-one peer recovery support services to anyone in or seeking sustained-recovery through in-person and tele-recovery support.

Family Support

We Facilitate opportunities for individuals and families to find their path to long-term recovery from addiction, mental illness and co-occurring disorders.

Agencies & Partners

We partner with community organizations to provide education, training and research opportunities to further our mission.

Contact Us

We see anyone in need of assistance. Come in for a tour of our recovery centers or contact us if you’re in need of resources or would like peer recovery support.

Northern Nevada Peer Recovery Community Center

(775) 384-9513

621 Pyramid Way, Sparks, NV 89431


Southern Nevada Peer Recovery Community Center

(702) 257-8199

4800 Alpine Pl., Suite 12, Las Vegas, NV 89107