FFR encourages every person in recovery to become an active member of the community and understand that elected officials represent every person in their designated state.  The recovery community is growing throughout Nevada, and it is necessary for our combined voices to be heard within the halls of our state capitol and every local municipality.

  • Legislators are elected officials who represent the citizens who live in their district.
  • Let Legislators know who you are and what is important to you. Legislators do want to hear from their constituents.
  • Effective advocates communicate with Legislators about the decisions they make regarding state policies, laws, resolutions and funding.
  • Communicate with Legislators via email, phone, mail, but best is in person.
  • Be respectful of elected officials even when disagreeing on proposed legislation.

If you have questions or personal issues requiring assistance from your state representative, contact them and articulate your issue in a succinct manner.  Prior to calling, meeting or writing them it might be beneficial to outline your issues and/or speaking points so you are able to be clear with your personal issue. It may also behoove you to have another person act as a sound board or give constructive suggestions prior to the message being shared. Below please find the link to Nevada state representatives.