Lyon County

Offering Recovery Support Services in Dayton, Yerington, and Fernley through our Building Communities of Recovery project.

Recovery Support Services

Supportive services in Lyon County for people in recovery and those struggling with substance use. All services are completely free.

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Individualized Support

Peer recovery support specialists walk side by side with individuals seeking recovery from substance use disorders. They help people to create their own recovery plans, and develop their own recovery pathways.

Helping in Support Group

All Recovery Meetings

All Recovery Support Meetings are non-denominational and offer a place where people can share their addiction recovery experiences and how recovery has changed their life.

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Activities & Events

Build your network of friends in recovery. Meet new people at our fun activities and events with other people in recovery.

Meetings in Lyon County

Search meetings, events, and sober social activities in Lyon County.

Get Support

Our peer recovery support specialists meet with you and help you develop a recovery plan, find resources, and reach your goals.

Schedule your visit in-person or via a Zoom video meeting. All sessions are provided at no cost.

Contact the Lyon County Peer Recovery Support Specialist for more information and scheduling details.

Cindy Farnes

Peer Recovery Support Specialist
Building Communities of Recovery Project
(702) 257-8199

Frequently Asked Questions

Peer Recovery Support is centered around the goals, needs, and strengths of people in recovery and those currently struggling with substance use.

Peer recovery support services can effectively extend treatment beyond the clinical setting into the everyday environment. Many people have successfully found recovery through working one-on-one with a Peer Recovery Support Specialist, before treatment, in-lieu of treatment, or after formal treatment.

More information about peer recovery support services and peer recovery support specialists may be found here.

Nothing! Receive your own personal recovery coach at no cost.

We’re a mission-driven nonprofit powered by people in recovery. The Building Communities of Recovery Program, which allows us to travel and provide recovery support to rural Nevada is funded through a grant. 

Building Communities of Recovery (BCOR) is a three year initiative funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

In short, anyone in recovery or struggling with their substance use.

  • We provide recovery support services to any adult 18+
  • All pathways of recovery are respected and welcomed. E.g. 12-step recovery is not required.
  • Abstinence is not a requirement to receive peer recovery support services
  • Peer Recovery Support Sessions are provided at no cost to individuals – As a nonprofit, we are funded by state, federal, and private grants and donations.
  • Insurance is not a requirement to engage with a peer recovery support specialist. All of our services are provided free of charge.
  • All peer recovery support specialists receive additional training on trauma informed care and cultural competency.

Peer Recovery Support Specialists are individuals with lived experience, meaning they are in recovery from substance use, problem gambling, mental health, and/or other co-occurring challenges.

Peer Recovery Support Specialists use their recovery experience, along with skills learned from specialized training, to provide guidance and hope to individuals working through their own recovery.

A peer recovery support specialist works with individuals to identify goals, needs, and barriers to their recovery.

The role of the Peer Recovery Support specialist includes:

  • Motivator and cheerleader
  • Ally and Confidant
  • Truth teller
  • Role model and mentor
  • Advocate
  • Provider of outreach and education
  • Resource broker, linking the person to additional support systems
  • Provides individual and group support


A Peer Support Specialist is NOT:

  • A sponsor
  • A counselor
  • A nurse or doctor
  • A clergy person


Rather, their role is more aligned with that of a life-coach, educator, and mentor.

Above you’ll find a schedule of when a peer recovery support specialist is in your area and available for individual recovery support sessions. You can also search meetings in your area and find upcoming sober social event on our event calendar: Connect for Recovery.

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