Unlock Your Potential: Essential Skills for Every Peer Recovery Specialist!

Peer recovery support specialists (PRSS) are on the front lines of the addiction recovery movement. They provide a unique, specialized form of care that can be incredibly beneficial for individuals seeking to overcome addiction. But what does it take to become a peer recovery specialist? In this article, we’ll explore the qualifications, skills, and benefits […]

How one nonprofit is addressing mental health issues in Tonopah

Nevada Recovery Corps Member Boon Hem

Tonopah resident Boonn Hem is working to bring mental health support to the community through her work with [Foundation for Recovery’s Recovery Corps project]. The nonprofit organization provides mental health and substance abuse services to any adult age 18 and older in Nevada. “Community is what I’m working on in Tonopah right now,” Hem said. […]

Meet our new board chairman

Can you tell us a little about your background and connection to our cause? Born and raised in Baltimore Maryland, I never knew my father and only saw my mother 6 times in my life. My grandmother raised me. I was good in school and an athlete, but I also loved the street life. I […]