Supporting Our Nevada Communities During COVID-19

Blue medical glove and face masks on yellow. Covid

The world has been slowing down over the past few weeks with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We’re all seeing the headlines, breaking news segments, personal updates from friends and family flooding our social newsfeeds. But as we pause our work, and distance ourselves from groups of other people, many of our local […]

Medication-Assisted Treatment as a Pathway to Recovery

Senior woman taking her daily medication

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT); in 12-step culture, these words are not welcomed in the rooms. Many people have had disheartening experiences that leave a not-so-friendly taste in their mouths. Those who identify with being in MAT are not considered to be in recovery when attending 12-step meetings and are cast aside. Many people who utilize these […]

Seeking Authenticity


Early in recovery my family learned that if you wondered what I was thinking, just wait 15 seconds and I would tell them. This “filter off” approach was my first line of defense and served as a great antidote to the emotional stuffing that I had adopted as my very nature for decades. Eventually the […]

The Keys to Change in Long-Term Recovery

Let’s set the groundwork with a little textbook framework around the Stages of Change before the rant begins. The first Stage of Change is pre-contemplation, which translates into you not necessarily thinking about making a change. The second stage is contemplation; this is where you are beginning to have somewhat of a desire to change, but […]