Ex-addict who found hope at Mission High now eager to help others

A small crowd quieted as Landynn Meyers stepped up to the microphone at an event commemorating the victims of drug overdoses. “My name is Landynn; I’m kind of nervous,” he said before diving into a painstaking summary of his young life: the abuse that led him to start drinking and smoking marijuana, the harder drugs […]

Meet our new board chairman

Can you tell us a little about your background and connection to our cause? Born and raised in Baltimore Maryland, I never knew my father and only saw my mother 6 times in my life. My grandmother raised me. I was good in school and an athlete, but I also loved the street life. I […]

A Change in Leadership

Male Speaker On The Stage

Dear friends, supporters, and community members: Over the past three years, I have had the extraordinary honor of serving as executive director at Nevada’s statewide recovery community organization, Foundation for Recovery (FFR). Each year filled with an abundance of new connections, growth, and opportunity. With your help and support, we have furthered the mission of […]

Crisis De-Escalation and Conflict Resolution

Adult students with hands clasped sitting on chair

About the training Learn Crisis de-escalation/conflict resolution skills to successfully de-escalate behavioral health crisis incidents. This one-hour training is part of the Foundation for Recovery Faith-Based Initiative series. These no cost trainings are available now to your communities. How can these skills be useful? Conflict resolution and crisis de-escalation skills are useful to have as […]

Peer Recovery in the Emergency Department: a unique partnership that saves lives

I received a call from a nurse at Dignity Neighborhood Hospital. There was a patient who was admitted for alcohol-related illness, and he had been there before for the same condition. He requested a treatment program. The gentleman was about to get discharged and did not want to leave because he felt that he was […]

Nevada’s Unique Partnership Places Peer Recovery Coaches in Dignity Health’s Neighborhood Hospital Emergency Departments

April 19, 2019  Nevada’s Unique Partnership Places Peer Recovery Coaches in Dignity Health’s Neighborhood Hospital Emergency Departments Every single day 192 families throughout the United States lose a loved one to drug overdose. Foundation for Recovery (FFR) and Dignity Health are joining forces with ConnectED to help address the nation’s worst public health crisis of […]

Recovery In Sin City

I hear this question all the time, “How do people stay in recovery in Sin City?” Flashing lights, 24-hour liquor stores, strip clubs galore, gaming at every corner, and now legal marijuana. Las Vegas, NV is defined as an adult playground, or as publicized, the City of Sin. A wealth of people could fit the […]

2018 Rally For Recovery Highlights

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CBS Las Vegas: County Commissioner Hosting Addiction Recovery Fair

LAS VEGAS (KXNT) – Commissioner Lawrence Weekly is hosting Serenity Saturday, a recovery resource and information fair for those suffering with addiction from noon to 4 p.m., April 7, at the Pearson Community Center at 1625 W. Carey Avenue. The event will feature on-site private counseling, a syringe exchange, naloxone training, special guest speaker Andre […]