Crisis De-Escalation and Conflict Resolution

About the training

Learn Crisis de-escalation/conflict resolution skills to successfully de-escalate behavioral health crisis incidents. This one-hour training is part of the Foundation for Recovery Faith-Based Initiative series. These no cost trainings are available now to your communities.

How can these skills be useful?

Conflict resolution and crisis de-escalation skills are useful to have as individuals, communities, and within our own temples, churches, and masjids, as we engage with a variety of individuals who enter our doors seeking community, safety, and love. We hope that learning these skills will give you the confidence to serve everyone. See you then!

Meet your facilitator, Christopher Christiano, RN.

Chris has worked as a registered nurse (RN) with the State of Nevada for 23 years, working with people with mental illness, justice-involved youths, and underserved populations. He has been facilitating crisis intervention and behavioral de-escalation courses for the state and other agencies for 18 years. Chris has worked in inpatient institutional settings as well as outpatient services and has been successful in de-escalating thousands of behavioral crisis incidents.

Additional Information

Additional 15 minutes for questions and answers.

For more information or to schedule, please contact or Heidi Gustafson at (702) 273-0500.