John Newell III

Peer Support Specialist

Hello my name Is John Newell III I am a person in long term recovery. What that looks like for me is that I have not used drugs or alcohol since May 25, 2001. It has been a wonderful ride full of ups and downs, I would not trade this life that recovery has given me for anything the world has to offer. I am currently a Peer Recovery Specialist for the Foundation For Recovery, where I coordinate appointments for coaches and peers, I train coaches to work with peers, I am also a coach, and a recovery advocate. My goal and mission in life is to help the sick and suffering addict/alcoholic who may never hear the life saving message of hope from the disease of addiction. I walk and breath the message of hope and the promise of freedom, I have been to some very low points and dark paths in my life, only through the recovery process have I been able to have a moment of clarity and get on the right path.