Nevada Behavioral Health Association Peer Certification Board Call

April 6, 2017 via phone

10:00 am – 11:00 am

In attendance: Trey Delap, Heidi Gustafson, Jeanyne Ward, Natalie Powell, Daniel Fred, Camille Jones, Stuart Smith, Reed, Lana, Michelle Berry, JoAnna Rios, Daniel Fred

Peer survey was sent to about 50 people. Based on peers who have taken CASAT’s 40 hour peer training and UNR’s academic peer training. Part 1 of the survey was sent out (to gain insight) and Part 2 will be sent out to those who agreed on part 1. 6 people responded to Part 1 so far. Natalie to send survey to Stuart Smith at FFR so he can get it out to his Peer network since CASAT did not use the list that was given to them by Denna Atkinson before she left FFR. Stuart said FFR is having a peer appreciation day soon and they would conduct some face to face interviews (light survey work) to gain information from peers in the South.

The certification board agreed to revisit the application on NBHA’s website to apply to become a peer (voluntary certification) through NBHA and IC&RC. The grandfathering period opens June 1st so edits will be made to the application at a future meeting.

FFR has a few Peer Trainings coming up in the future in Vegas, Reno, Fallon. FFR to get the info to Natalie to post on NBHA’s website. Camille asked for clarification on website of trainings available. FFR has in person, CASAT has 40 hrs. online, UNR has two semester long training (peer). This is all confusing and needs to be clarified. Stuart wants to suggest that Nevada Peer Leadership Advisory Council (NPLAC) be the accrediting body for the peer training courses that will be approved for folks wanting to obtain the voluntary peer certification through NBHA. He will suggest this to NBHA by changing the Bylaws, etc.

Next Meeting May 4th 9:00 am – 10:00 am