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Being child 5 of 8 children meant while growing up, if I wanted something I had to speak up and act in my own behalf. If I wanted seconds at dinner not only did I have to make my intentions clear, I had to eat faster than my siblings. When I wanted new clothing and...

Seeking Authenticity

Early in recovery my family learned that if you wondered what I was thinking, just wait 15 seconds and I would tell them. This "filter off" approach was my first line of defense and served as a great antidote to the emotional stuffing that I had adopted as my very...

How to Survive a Family Function in Recovery

You can pick your support group, but you can’t pick your family. No truer words have ever been spoken. When getting into recovery, we find that although we have grown and changed, the rest of the world continues on as is. It can be challenging to connect with those...


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