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Silos: Ivory Towers Destined for Failure.

Considering that my opinions aren’t the only valid opinions is a painful daily process. At the beginning of my work in the inpatient substance use disorder treatment world, it was an everyday occurrence to see others centers as not just competition but as the enemy...

Believing in the Law, Believing in People.

Reading the reference article took me back in thought to my first addiction related encounter with the law, I was charged with 30+ felonies and some various misdemeanors for burglarizing my Doctor’s office in a opioid driven panic after running out of pills....

The Keys to Change in Long-Term Recovery

Let’s set the groundwork with a little textbook framework around the Stages of Change before the rant begins. The first Stage of Change is pre-contemplation, which translates into you not necessarily thinking about making a change. The second stage is contemplation;...


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