Nevada State Peer Leadership Council Meeting


April 15, 2015 3:30-4:30 via webinar


Meeting began 3:35 pm


Welcome and roll call


Members present:


Daniel Fred


Skip Farley


Ali McCurdy


JoAnna Rios


Nancy Snyder


Barbara Jackson


Autumn Smith


Members NOT present:


Camille Jones


Crystal Hallock


Nick Matlavage


Alyce Thomas


Ad Hoc members present:


Jeanyne Ward (admin)


Michelle Berry


Denna Atkinson


Luanna Rich




Robyn Priest


Daniel welcomed our newest member, Autumn Smith, and Autumn introduced herself. She will be representing our emerging adult (youth) seat from the South.


Agenda #1 Membership:


Richard Whitefeather resigned his seat last month. We need a North rural or VA seat. Camille has someone in mind and so does Daniel. They will send their info to Jeanyne to contact them for the next meeting.




Agenda #2 May 12 in person meeting agenda:


Rough outline of agenda


Welcome and Introductions (Continental breakfast)


Brief review of ByLaws and Q&A (All members are asked to review the ByLaws BEFORE the meeting)


Guest Speaker #1 (Steve Burt) AB85


PAN presentation




Guest Speaker #2 (Mary Weary DPBH) Provide an overview of the division, talk about the landscape of the division going forward.




Guest Speaker #3 (Robyn Priest)


Strategic Planning




Identify Milestones, assign tasks


Website updates




Agenda #3 Legislative Action update:


Michelle Berry mentioned AB 489 proposed by DPBH as an umbrella for organizations to hire Peers and AB 485 written by Steve Burt is to license individual peers. There is no peer curriculum discussion in the legislature. Once legislature has passed and signed to law then it goes to agencies to adapt regulations. The curriculum will need to follow the requirements of the legislature, HCQC and Medicaid.


Agenda #4 Website updates:


Per Skip, the website has been updated to include the separated drop down boxes that were discussed at last month’s meeting. He is waiting on approval from the rest of the website subcommittee for some of the verbiage regarding co-occurring. Skip will send 6 new documents with updated verbiage to the council, Jeanyne will re-send to make sure everyone is receiving them. Jeanyne urged the council to respond to Skip about the verbiage to let them know they have reviewed it even if they do not propose any changes….BEFORE the May meeting. We can review the final website at the May meeting and go over any questions at that time.


Agenda #5 Public Comment


No public comment


Next Meeting


May 12, 2015 9:00 am– 4:00pm UNR Redfield Campus


Meeting Adjourned 4:15pm