NPLAC Quarterly Call

Thursday Feb 25, 2016

10:30-11:30 via conference call

Meeting started 10:30 am. Roll take by Jeanyne

Members in attendance: Skip, Daniel, Steve, Nancy, Barbara, Alyce, autumn, Camille, Jo Anna, Lorna, Ali

Not in attendance: Roxy, Crystal

Ad Hoc members present: Denna, Trey, Jeanyne, Michelle, Chelsea, Mike

Public: Robyn Priest

Agenda item #5 Community Updates: Since Daniel was only able to be on the call for 15 minutes, we moved agenda item #5 to the front of the meeting (Community general updates). Daniel mentioned he was part of a webinar recently National through Brss Tacs that talked about PRSS pay scale. He will forward the power point to Jeanyne and she will send it out to group. The movement is towards equal pay for men and women and to add more Govt support. NAADAC released info about a National Peer Cert and CAADE is certifying peers in Ca. through IC&RC. Daniel is on the planning committee that is planning a summit through Brss Tacs to look at combining mental health and SUD in collegiate recovery. This information just shows that we are on the right track with what is going on nationally.

Agenda item #1 Membership. Daniel reached out to Nick with no response. Nick was removed from the council with a vote. Skip wants to nominate Chelsea to the council. Jeanyne mentioned our ByLaws say 13 m3mbers and we currently have 13 (Nick represented a rural seat). Motion to put membership review on the next meeting’s agenda.

Agenda item #2 Sub Committee updates. Trey updated the group. FFR is moving forward with CAPRSS accreditation through Faces and Voices of recovery. The group will benefit from FFR’s learning the process. Skip expressed his disappointment that no one on the subcommittee submitted any changes or comments on the work they have been doing. Skip asked for any objections to FFR moving forward. Nancy wanted to know what next steps were. FFR will continue to update NPLAC as the process moves forward. Michelle Berry mentioned that the Nevada Behavioral Health Association (formerly NV AADAPTS) the provider association in NV was moving forward with an IC&RC endorsement and they could potentially be the external body for individual peer cert. Alyce asked if they would act like a legislative board (like Social work, LADC?) Michelle said no legislative board, just external board and NPLAC would be the group to provide adjudication and vet the applications. Jo Anna mentioned there is a push national with regards to mental health community NOT to use IC&RC because they tend to be clinical. Robyn can speak more about that.

Agenda item #3 Vote from draft assignments. This is the work the subcommittee has been doing. It seems different groups are moving in different directions, but we are all complimenting each other. As long as we keep the common goal in mind. Camille said she is interested in bringing someone from outside state in to help us, someone who knows how to integrate and has more experience. Brief discussion about medical model with regard to peer services and what it means. Try said people are currently receiving peer services in our State through Medicaid reimbursable programs and non-Medicaid reimbursable. What are Peer services? How are they defined? What are the standards? There is a big hole in SB489 that it does not provide an explanation for what a person offering peer support services looks like.

Agenda items#4 SB489 updates. Michelle Berry had a meeting set with Kyle Devine at HCQC and he did not make it. Has not rescheduled yet. The meeting was to talk about the regulations he is writing for SB489 and how NPLAC can help. Steve said it is not important because he does not think SB489 is going anywhere and that Kyle is not interested in writing regulations. The passing of the bill was based on political maneuvering from one person, who has since retired. Our group should convince Kyle not to pursue writing regulations for SB489. Denna asked where we go next. Autumn asked for a plan. Skip and Trey said the three different models that were presented were the plan and there were a few groups pursuing individual tracks. Jo Anna said we should be mindful of SAMSHA core competencies. Jo Anna has info on Canada’s model and she is willing to rejoin the subcommittee and put in work and give Skip the Canada info. The subcommittee is now Skip, JoAnna, Nancy, Denna, Trey, Alyce, Ali. Next meeting is March 10 from 1-2 pm via conf call, Jeanyne to send info.

Public Comment: Robyn Priest from Peer Link. Peer Link has received funding for NV again for TA. She sent the info on Canada’s program to JoAnna. She mentioned IC&RC state endorsements have been heavily clinical based and focused on SUD only, not mental health. Mental Health is pushing hard not to go that route. In New Zealand organizations are accredited for peers, she has info about that she will share with the group. She asked if she can sit in on upcoming meetings. This is a public meeting, o yes, Jeanyne will add her to the e-mails.

Next Meeting May 17, 2016 9:30 – 10:30


Membership review

ByLaw review and compliance

In person meeting

Motion to close meeting, meeting adjourned 11:53