Council Meeting Notes NPLAC Meeting

Monday June 20, 2016

9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Via video Conference Reno TMCC to Vegas Nevada State College

Welcome and Introductions

Members Present: Daniel, Skip, Ali, Crystal, Camille, Barbara, Steve

Members not present: Alyce, JoAnna, Autumn, Roxie, Nancy, Lorna

Ad Hoc present: Jeanyne, Luana, Jordan, Trey

Agenda item #1 ByLaws – No current changes to the ByLaws

Agenda item #2 Application for re-appointment. Jeanyne went through the current application form and edited it with the council. Jeanyne also used the application form to use as a template for the re-application form. Each council member needs to fill out the membership application form for our files. Several members needs to also fill out the re-application form. Jeanyne will send the final forms via e-mail. Luana asked who is this council advisory to. NPLAC is advisory to ourselves at this point. We are an advocacy group. Since are council is receiving support from the block grant, who do we represent when pushing agenda items? The Division or the State? Steve Burt discussed the fact that we have no control or input as to how block grant dollars are distributed. Luana said that the Peer movement has the backing of the Division and the Dept. The bureau has delayed writing regulations on SB489 but they are going to submit for an “R” number by July 1st so that gives more time to write regulations and receive input from the council as well as other input. If they miss the July 1st deadline, they have to wait until the 2017 legislative session is over. After they receive the “R” number the regulations still have to go through public hearings. The opportunity is now because Kevin Quint is leaving and Kyle Devise is stepping in as interim. Kyle was over HCQC prior to this. NPLAC has a huge opportunity to have input in the regulations for SB489. Luana is asking that NPLAC put together some brief suggestions. Daniel is going to set up some meetings.

Agenda item #3 SB489 regulations. Trey submitted a memo for the Council’s review. The memo addresses a hole in SB489 that did not define what a peer support specialist was. Since regulations are not being written in the legislative session, we can turn this into a BDR to change the language in the law. Luana’s recommendation is to strip the legalese from the memo and re format it so it does not look like a BDR. Luana committed to editing the memo to present to Kyle Devine for regulations. She has committed to help us get the regulations pushed through before legislation start again. Luana also mentioned Statement of compliance agreement to be used in the interim while regs are being developed. Jeanyne will send Luana the Peer Support Specialist core competencies that were developed in BRSS TACS a few years ago, the group agreed these would be sufficient. Luana had Skip’s permission to make the language inclusive of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders.

Agenda item #4 IC&RC update. Steve Burt read a statement from Michelle Berry. See Attached Statement. Prevention and Peer Support Credentialing Update:

The Nevada Behavioral Health Association is proposing that Nevada create an IC&RC Prevention Member Board to provide credentialing for prevention specialists and join the growing number of states and countries that offer credentialing for peer support specialists.

The International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC) promotes public protection by offering internationally-recognized credentials and examinations for prevention, substance use treatment, and recovery professionals.

The Nevada Behavioral Health Association recently sent out a survey to identify thoughts regarding this proposal and the potential benefits of achieving and maintaining a practice credential.  The survey was sent out to all individuals that the Behavioral Health Association had contacts for.

Overwhelmingly there was a positive response to the credentialing of Prevention (87% positive response) and Peer Support Specialists (92% positive response).

Our next step is to gain approval from the Nevada Behavioral Health Association (meeting on June 27th) to create a sub-committee that will provide oversight for the credentialing process.  We have already been granted approval from Agata at the Board of Examiners, whose board already carries an IC&RC endorsement, to move forward with the application process.

We will have more information after the June 27th meeting and can give another update to the SAPTA advisory board at that time.

Steve is also looking into the suggested INAPS credential along with IC&RC for PSS.

Agenda #5 Public Comment. Skip mentioned the website has been supported by FFR for the last two years. He wants to know if there are funds available to support the website. Jeanyne will follow up with Michelle. Skip advertised a PSS training in Reno Aug 22-26. Contact Skip for more details on that training. Camille Advertised MAD pride in July in Reno. Contact Camille for more details on that event.

Meeting Information Next meeting September 29 from 1 pm – 3 pm via conference call. Jeanyne will send details.