Peer Leadership Council Meeting

March 4, 2015 9:00-10:30

via Adobe Connect Webinar

Members present:

JoAnna Rios, Cystal Hallock, Daniel Fred, Skip Farley, Denna Atkinson, Ali McCurdy, Luanna Rich, Michelle Berry, Camille Jones, Jeanyne Ward, Alyce Thomas

Members absent:

Barbara Jackson, Richard Whitefeather, Nancy Snyder

Meeting started at 9:03.

Agenda item #1 Vote new members:

It was noted that Nick responded to the application e-mail but was unable to be on the call today so the council could not vote on his membership. It was also noted that the council admin (Jeanyne) will contact another potential member of the council, Autumn Smith, from Clark County.

Agenda item #2 Legislative Action:

AB85 was set to be heard in legislation but was put on hold waiting an amendment. The Peer Support Specialist language was left out. Denna will send out another e-mail for the council to disseminate to their listserv so peers can call their representative and let them know that we want AB85!

BDR 1191 – licensure of Peer agencies FFR is following closely. More details to come. This BDR is tied to budget, set to be heard May 27, 2015 per Denna.

Agenda item #3 Website committee updates

Website committee set to meet Friday March 6, 2015 at 2:00 pm via phone to finalize details on the history of Peer Support section of the website. Skip is adding two sections (one for mental health history and one for substance abuse history)

The target due date to finalize the website is April 30, 2015.

Agenda item #4 In person meeting May 12, 2015 Travel updates.

Jeanyne reminded everyone to fill out the travel request even if they live in Reno and Carson. Michelle Berry asked everyone to be thinking about agenda items or special guests they would like to invite to the meeting. We will discuss the in person agenda on April 15. All flights from Vegas have been booked (except Autumn). Travel info has also been given to Nancy in Elko and Nick in Fallon. CASAT will pick up Vegas participants at airport and take them back after the meeting.

Agenda item #5

No public comment – Skip brought up posting the meeting info for open meeting laws. Council agreed to disseminate the invitation information that comes from Jeanyne until the website is up and running. Once website is open we will post info about upcoming meetings there.

Michelle Berry mentioned the ARHE Collegiate Recovery Conference. Jeanyne mentioned Kevin McCauley Training on May 28th in Reno that is being video fed to Vegas. Free to 25 peers. Jeanyne to send registration info to the council.

Agenda item #6 Next Meeting

April 15 3:30-4:30 via adobe connect


New membership

Website update

Legislative update

In person meeting agenda