NPLAC quarterly Meeting

September 29, 2016 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm via conference call

Members present: Steve Burt, JoAnna Rios, Skip Farley, Barbara Jackson, Nancy Snyder

Members Absent: Daniel Fred, Autumn Smith, Camille Jones, Alyce Thomas, Ali McCurdy, Lorna Lizotte

Ad Hoc members present: Jeanyne Ward, Michelle Berry, Denna Atkinson, Trey Delap

Skip called the meeting to order at 1:10 pm.

Agenda item #1 Membership

Barbara, Chelsea, and Skip sent applications and Barbara and Skip sent re appointment applications. JoAnna will get hers in to Jeanyne today. Skip wanted to know what we will do going forward with members that do not show up. Jeanyne suggested changing ByLaws. Steve wants to move forward and once the council starts to gain momentum than members will want to participate more. Barbara mentioned having compassion for those with disabilities. Since Roxy is no longer on the Council and Skip is retiring from FFR, Skip wants to fill the VA seat in the South. Motion by Barbara, second by Nancy, motion approved. Jeanyne received one application for new members from Heidi Gustafson to fill vacant Southern seat. Steve motioned for approval, Skip second. Heidi is now a member. Ali McCurdy is moving so another seat will open up. Skip asked Trey to send in an application.

Agenda item #2 SB489 update

Luana is not in attendance for an update. Try and Luana have not connected on the topic. The regulations for SB489 have not been approved. The Interim subcommittee on healthcare did not recommend passage. The regulations are stalled at this point. JoAnna asked if there was something else we want to put our efforts into? Trey said maybe a BDR changing the language in SB489.

Agenda Item #3 IC&RC update

Michelle Berry with CASAT gave an update for the Nevada Behavioral Health Association and the IC&RC certifications they are submitting. NBHA submitted an application with IC&RC for voluntary peer certification and prevention certifications. There is a certifying board of that met to go over the application fees, training and domains. The app will be submitted and voted on by IC&RC in Oct 2016. The certifying board will approve the training curriculums (various) for peer certification. NBHA will release information on individual peer cert in Jan. Nevada is currently 1 of 2 states that do not have peer certification. The certification is voluntary and will not affect funding from the state. There will be a grandfathering period too.

There are no draft regulations at this time, only guidelines that the certifying board (Daniel, Camille, Trey, Joanna, and Luana) worked on for the IC&RC app. Heidi asked if in the future this will be a requirement for funding. The agencies can require it but the State will not. Jeanyne will send e-mails for certifying board members so they can connect if they want more information.

Agenda item #4 new business

JoAnna suggested the group meet every 6 weeks so we do not lose momentum. Jeanyne agreed to set up a call or webinar every 6 weeks. Steve suggested we go back to the original strategic plan from BRSS TACS to outline some goals. Michelle Berry to send the BRSS TACS strategic plan to Denna.

Next meeting scheduled for Monday Nov 7, 2016 from 1pm-3pm via webinar. Jeanyne to send details.


Behavioral Health Planning Committee update (Barbara)

ICRC update (Michelle or Natalie)

Strategic Plan




Agenda item #5 Public Comment


Denna- Peer Day Oct 20 from 12-2 at FFR.


Skip – new testimonials posted on the website. Please send Skip any more that you have.




Meeting adjourned at 1:54pm