I hear this question all the time, “How do people stay in recovery in Sin City?” Flashing lights, 24-hour liquor stores, strip clubs galore, gaming at every corner, and now legal marijuana. Las Vegas, NV is defined as an adult playground, or as publicized, the City of Sin. A wealth of people could fit the bill for the recovery need in this place.

With everything in nature, there is a yin and a yang. The yang to this cultural depravity is the amount of recovery support within this community. There may not be a Recovery Community Center in every zip code, but there are mutual aid and 12-step groups available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These support groups consist of a plethora of topics ranging from dual diagnosis groups, emotions anonymous, faith-based groups, and workaholics. These wide ranges of specialized meetings allow people to find recovery from anything the City of Sin dishes out.

Recovery in Las Vegas is one of the largest communities in the city. Yeah, there’s a foodie scene, a nightlife scene, a music scene, and an art scene, but more locals have found recovery than ever before. You can pretty much find a meeting of your choosing in your area on any given day.

If you are a local, you’ve listened to visitors in meetings talk about the spirit of recovery in Las Vegas. Those who began their recovery journeys here but ventured to new lands, also state the same. There’s something about finding tranquility and hope in a place where temptation is right around the corner, which brings people close together. We have found it be a military-like mentality. Travel with your unit, do not abort ship, and leave no man or woman behind. This battleground is full of vices; but we’ve found it’s better to voyage together.

By Chelsey Mony, Foundation for Recovery

For more information on recovery resources in the community, visit Foundation for Recovery’s website: https://www.forrecovery.org/recovery-support-services/nv-resource-directory/