NPLAC Subcommittee call

April 21, 2016 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Via Conference call

In attendance: Jeanyne, Luana, Michelle, Denna, Skip, Ali, Nancy, JoAnna

Not in attendance: Robyn, Trey, Mike, Alyce

Meeting started at 1:00 pm

The meeting began with a review of the draft regulations that Trey prepared for SB489. Here are the edits to that document. Luana confirmed that HCQC will take the council’s recommendations when writing the regulations for SB489.

Peers will be called Peer Recovery Specialists. We need to change this term in the document to be cohesive. Peer Recovery coach is an interchangeable term according to Joanna’s research in other States.

1 1. (2) We need to define or clarify “Peer Support Services Work”

2 #5 Get rid of this line” Empowering the peer specialist to engage in professional work.

Page #3 (1) (2) delete “Documentation of current status as being employed or an offer of employment….”

(1) (3) Re word to say “Proof of H.S., GED, or equivalency at a minimum.

(1) (5) Incomplete sentence? Also re-word to include a self-statement of recovery. Also (1) Take out training requirements

(3) (1) change annually to 2 years. Define parameters for revoking. Define what peers are able to do and not do. Luana mentioned a good guideline is NAC 450B.

(6) Applications should be valid for a year – not 6 months

Scope of Practice – re-word (1)

5 (2) (2) __________ how many hours of supervised work with clients? Council will decide and vote

Skip will send the final edits to the entire council by May 11 before the next quarterly meeting which is May 17 from 9:30- 10:30.

Meeting adjourned 2:05 pm Council Meeting Notes Council Meeting Notes