Workplace Advisory Council

An advisory council of employers and business leaders in Nevada who are committed to addressing addiction and mental health in their communities and the workplace.


Local business partners and employers play a vital role in advancing recovery-conducive communities. The Workplace Advisory Council informs our programs and initiatives and helps build connections with other business leaders and employers in Nevada to expand recovery support and address addiction in our workforce and local areas.

Member Commitments

Term Length

The term length for each member of the Workplace Advisory Council is a 1 year commitment.

Meeting Frequency

The Council meets quarterly but may create work groups and subcommittees that meet more frequently to work on specific projects and initiatives.


The Workplace Advisory Council is an advisory council of Foundation for Recovery. The group advises the organization on its programs and initiatives, assists to bridge the gap between employers and the recovery community, and may work on ad hoc projects to support community-based recovery supports in the workplace.


Each advisory council contains a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 21 members. The council must appoint a council chair, vice chair, and secretary.

$6.8 Billion is the annual cost to Nevada for substance use, most of which are incurred by businesses.

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