Becoming a Recovery Friendly Workplace

By becoming a Recovery Friendly Workplace, you are supporting your employees and creating a healthier environment for them. Your commitment shows customers and community members that your business is a proactive, valued community partner.

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As an employer, you are central to supporting a life in recovery. You can have an enormous impact on employees’ health and the company’s bottom line. You’ll be assigned your own Recovery Friendly Ambassador who will provide guidance and support along your way to becoming a Recovery Friendly Workplace; from orientation to designation and thereafter.

There is no cost associated with the various Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW) introductory trainings or access to a Recovery Friendly Ambassador (RFA).

Initial Required Components


Complete the official Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW) orientation with your Recovery Friendly Ambassador (RFA). The orientation is intended for senior management and/or human resources personnel.

Letter of Intent

Submit a Letter of Intent to make a commitment to become a Recovery Friendly Workplace.


Make a written declaration to employees stating the workplace's commitment to recovery friendly principles and your participation in this initiative.


Ensure supervisors and employees receive training and education. This will be assessed and arranged to fit the needs of your business.

Additional Required Components

The number 1

Provide employees with information and resources to promote health, well-being, and recovery for themselves and their family members.

The number 2

Ensure supervisors and employees receive the Recovery Friendly Workplace Toolkit upon hire and thereafter.

The number 3

Complete and submit a Recovery Friendly Workplace Checklist with assistance from the RFA.

The number 4

Receive Recovery Friendly Workplace designation.

No commitment is needed. Take the first step towards saving lives and lifting the stigma by contacting our Recovery Friendly Workplace Ambassador. You’ll be invited to ask questions and learn more about Nevada’s Recovery Friendly initiative.

Serve You Rx, a Pharmacy Benefit Management Company, is deeply committed to a safe and healthy workplace for their employees. In 2019, the CEO of the company led an initiative to create a thriving recovery friendly workplace.