Community Partners

This collaboration has engaged several strategic partners who have lent their vision, expertise, and resources to the project.

The Partnership

Nevada Governor

Nevada Governor's Office

Gov. Sandoval and the Department of Health and Human Services have started a Recovery-Friendly Workplace Initiative to reduce the stigma of substance use and encourage workplaces to support treatment and recovery. This program encourages business owners to educate their staff on substance use and recovery; to develop policies and procedures to support recovery of an employee; and support employees who are caring for a family member in recovery. The program is designed to give business owners free resources — including training, policy guidance, and technical assistance — to become a recovery-friendly workplace.

NV Department of
Health and Human Services

The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services promotes the health and well-being of its residents through the delivery or facilitation of a multitude of essential services to ensure families are strengthened, public health is protected, and individuals achieve their highest level of self-sufficiency.

Foundation for Recovery

Foundation for Recovery (FFR) has been selected to serve as a strategic nonprofit partner for this state-funded project. Since 2005, FFR has been promoting the positive impact of recovery from substance use disorder and mental health issues, enhancing the lives of individuals and families affected by the disease of addiction.
Nevada Governor

NV Department of
Welfare and Social Services

The Division of Welfare and Supportive Services engages clients, staff, and the community to provide public assistance benefits to all who qualify and reasonable support for children with absentee parents to help Nevadans achieve safe, stable, and healthy lives.

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