Learn about substance use, mental health, and how to create a healthier and safer workplace through training tailored to your needs.

Training Modules

About Substance Use: What an Why

a. Substance use Disorder (SUD)
b. Problematic substance misuse in the workplace
c. Family and community prevention strategies

About Recovery & Workplace Wellness

a. About recovery
b. Employer's role in recovery
c. Employee self-care and mental wellness

Making Vital Connections: Community Resources for the Recovery Friendly Workplace

a. Statewide support
b. Recovery oriented system of care (ROSC)
c. Local support systems and recovery
d. Practice making connections

Creating a Resilient Workplace Culture

a. Key considerations for RFW policies and practices
b. Recovery Friendly Workplace "Task Force"
c. Review of federal and state policies (alcohol, drug, and tobacco)
d. Positive language

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Recovery Friendly Workplace Ambassador