The Gift of Recovery 

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Your donation of any amount is greatly appreciated and through December 31, 2020, your gift of $25 or more, and any gifts made through Facebook Fundraisers, will be doubled thanks to the generosity of a major donor who offered to match gifts up to $300,000!

Double the impact of your gift and help us unlock the full impact of this wonderful match.






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The impact of your gift

Many of our friends and families are experiencing social isolation and disconnectedness right now. Nearly half of adults report that the pandemic has affected their mental health, and 19 percent say it has had a “major impact.” In just half of 2020, Nevada has already surpassed the number of overdose deaths in all of 2019.

Foundation for Recovery (FFR) has experienced a surge in demand for services as Nevadans grapple with the ramifications of months of social distancing and the economic turndown. Since the outbreak began, FFR has been providing uninterrupted peer recovery support services, trending to exceed the number of people served by 40 percent compared to last year. To meet this growing need, we hope you will consider a special year-end gift to FFR to make a difference in the lives of people like Sharmayne.

“The Foundation has given me a safe place to spend any downtime during the months of social isolation,” Sharmayne said. “I feel useful volunteering and, quite often, I can be found either doing data entry, organizing a cabinet, or stuffing envelopes, wherever I am needed. I’ve met many amazing people who are dedicated to their recovery and are passionate about helping those of us who are recovering. I’m a better person today. I believe I’m more capable of achieving long-lasting recovery because I have the loving support and a recovery foundation that includes Foundation for Recovery.”

There are many people just like Sharmayne whose success are stories in the making. Many of them are holding on by a thread right now. With your support of FFR, you can be their lifeline. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, every gift of at least $25 will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $300,000. Please give between now and December 31, 2020, and help us unlock the full impact of this wonderful matching gift. We simply can’t do it without you. Our strength lies in the power of our tightly-knit community!

Foundation for Recovery’s Recovery Centers provide a connection to others and give access to a safe and welcoming place where one can find hope, dignity, acceptance, empowerment, choices, and opportunities. Recovery is nurtured by healthy relationships with self and others. Everybody deserves a chance to recover.


the gift of warmth 

$25 provides access to the Caring Closet where individuals seeking recovery can find basic clothing and accessories.


The gift of healing

$50 provides one-on-one peer recovery coaching and connection to other vital community resources at no cost.


the gift of life

$250 provides overdose prevention and education, including overdose prevention kits for each participant.


the gift of purpose

$500 provides 46-hours of training leading to an industry-recognized credential as a “Peer Recovery Support Specialist”.


the gift of connection

$1,000 provides sober social activities for individuals in or seeking recovery.