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Similar to workplace wellness programs, recovery-friendly workplaces foster a corporate culture of celebrating recovery, providing support and confronting the shame and stigma of addiction within the workplace.

Each year, addiction (substance use disorder) costs employers $100 billion.  It’s estimated that approximately 22 million Americans are suffering from substance use disorder today and 70 percent of individuals who use alcohol or illicit drugs are employed. Another 23 million Americans are in recovery from substance use disorder.

These are the consumers, employees, and the communities businesses serve each day.

States, corporations, and nonprofits across the country are working together to combat the economic impact of this public health crisis by supporting employees touched by substance use disorder and celebrating recovery in the workplace.

Is your organization talking to the 1 in 3 American households affected?

Whether they’re in recovery, seeking help, or are a family member of someone struggling, implementing changes at your workplace will illustrate your organization’s commitment to your employees and the communities you serve.



Of individuals who use alcohol or illicit drugs are employed

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 In partnership with the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, Foundation for Recovery has put together this all-in-one employer toolkit to walk you through becoming a recovery-friendly workplace. 

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How does my organization become a Recovery-Friendly Workplace?

To become a recovery friendly workplace, employers provide training on the topic of substance use and recovery, implement policies and procedures to support employees, and make iterations to change the culture of the workplace. Some states provide a recovery-friendly workplace designation through the governor’s office. Below we’ve provided some great resources, samples, and tips to get you started.


Learning about recovery and addiction helps build understanding among your team. Understanding substance use disorder and recovery not only confronts stigma and shame in the workplace, but arms your key team with knowledge to implement policies and begin creating a culture to support recovery. Check your Governor’s office for training requirements.


Implementing policies and procedures to create a safe, non-stigmatizing, ethical environment for your employees. Check with your state to see if there are specific policy requirements. Below we’ve included some great resources on policies and procedures you can use to get started.




Does your organization host recovery events? Do you hire people in recovery? Are recovery support services and treatment part of your employee assistance program? Would you allow employees to host mutual aid meetings on site? Would your organization issue credo or statement, to testify your commitment to become recovery friendly? There are many actions an employer can take to help foster a culture of recovery in the workplace.

A Credo from a Pharmacy Benefit Management Company.

Our responsibility to our employees is to provide a safe, healthy workplace which helps them reach their potential. We must provide an environment that supports them in overcoming obstacles while nurturing their personal and professional growth. As a company, we commit to recognizing the value of recovery. We will deploy a specific strategy to address substance use disorder because of its pervasiveness, compounded with the shame and stigma surrounding it. We also recognize that addiction uniquely affects those around the person suffering, particularly loved ones, family, and co workers. In turn, we recognize that help and support must extend to the non addicted person, who is affected by someone else’s illness.

We will continue to live up to our commitments to parity, fairness, and seamless access to medical treatment, recovery services, and other supports through our employee benefits and employee assistance programs.

We commit to go several steps further to create a thriving, recovery friendly workplace that nurtures healing, provides support, and eliminates shame and discrimination for employees finding recovery and their loved ones.

We also aim to create a cultural shift where addiction is perceived as a public health problem with solutions; recovery is something to be celebrated and shared; and social initiatives are given equal priority with all other major health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and autism.

We commit to train supervisors on how to support employees that are struggling and healing. We commit to a philosophy that does not penalize for a relapse or recurrence of symptoms, but helps a person through difficult turning points. This includes embracing and helping employees who benefit from medication-assisted treatment (MAT). We support multiple pathways to recovery.

We commit to supporting employees who are managing these complicated issues in their homes by fostering a workplace environment that prioritizes honesty, cooperation, and mutual support. We will encourage and rally around efforts involving peer support, evidenced-based prevention initiatives, and other elements that support recovery. Through our corporate social responsibility efforts, we will identify and support community partners and organizations aligned with our goals. We will support their efforts, specifically advocacy, treatment, education, prevention, and intervention.

Lastly, we seek to proudly bear witness to the newly evolved understanding that businesses must embrace their enormous role and responsibility in ending the addiction crisis. This credo is a declaration that we are all stakeholders in solving the complex problem of addiction. We are accountable, and we all benefit as a company and as human beings by working together toward a successful outcome.

Sharon Murillo

CEO, Serve You Rx


A helpful place to start

What's the cost to your business?

Each year, America’s addiction crisis costs employers billions. Use this helpful tool to calculate the cost to your business.

Get the Complete Toolkit

In partnership with the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, Foundation for Recovery has created this helpful toolkit to get you started.

The 4 Dimensions of Recovery Checklist

Each year, America’s addiction crisis costs employers billions. Use this helpful tool to calculate the cost to your business.

Recovery Supports Checklist

Take a moment to consider what your workplace can do to facilitate the availability and use of recovery supports:

Action Steps Worksheet

A helpful worksheet to help you take the next steps towards becomming a recovery friendly workplace.


Executive Summary

Education should start with the leadership team. Providing an overview can provide a briefing on the importance of the issue and drive the value of implementing recovery friendly workplace practices.

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