Advisory Councils

Advisory councils to inform and influence our work and expand recovery supports in everyday environments.

Cultural Advisory Council

Foundation for Recovery strives to offer culturally component programs and support services. We are committed to intersectionality and fostering safe and welcoming spaces for everyone. The Cultural Advisory Committee is comprised of leaders from diverse cultural backgrounds, creatives, and artists who inform and influence our programs by evaluating and critiquing service delivery, processes and policies, and our work environment.

Workplace Advisory Council

Local business partners and employers play a vital role in advancing recovery-conducive communities. The Workplace Advisory Council informs our programs and initiatives and helps build connections with other business leaders and employers in Nevada to expand recovery support and address addiction in our workforce and local areas.

Interfaith Advisory Council

Faith-Based Organizations are often the first place many individuals turn to when seeking help. In many communities, options for individuals and families struggling with mental health and substances is sparse. Their spiritual center might be the only resource they have. The Interfaith Advisory Council is comprised of faith leaders and people from Nevada’s diverse faith community. As a member of the council, you will help inform our programs and projects, ensuring their spiritual competence. Your involvement will also help our programs reach communities of faith across Nevada.

Community Advisory Council

Our philosophy is that those closest to the issue are closest to the solution. Which is why the majority of our staff, board, and volunteers who drive our mission are people with their own life experiences recovering from addiction and co-occurring disorders. But even so, offering effective authentic recovery support services is an iterative process. Our community centers, meeting spaces, and programs should be shaped by the people who utilize these services and spaces. This is the foundation of the Community Advisory Council – to welcome and listen to local communities of recovery, impacted families, and people who use drugs.

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