Community Advisory Council

An advisory council of people and families in recovery, and those who are actively using substances.


Our philosophy is that those closest to the issue are closest to the solution. Which is why the majority of our staff, board, and volunteers who drive our mission are people with their own life experiences recovering from addiction and co-occurring disorders. But even so,  offering effective authentic recovery support services is an iterative process. Our community centers, meeting spaces, and programs should be shaped by the people who utilize these services and spaces. This is the foundation of the Community Advisory Council – to welcome and listen to local communities of recovery, impacted families, and people who use drugs.

Member Commitments

Term Length

The term length for each member of the Community Advisory Council is a 1 year commitment.

Meeting Frequency

The Council meets quarterly but may create work groups and subcommittees that meet more frequently to work on specific projects and initiatives.


The Community Advisory Council is an advisory council of Foundation for Recovery. The group advises the organization on its programs and initiatives, reviews applications for various groups to use the recovery community centers, and may work on ad hoc projects.


Each advisory council contains a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 21 members. The council must appoint a council chair, vice chair, and secretary.

Recovery Community Organizations are responsible to the local recovery community.

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