Cultural Advisory Council

An advisory council of creatives, artists, authors, and leaders from diverse cultural backgrounds.


Foundation for Recovery strives to offer culturally component programs and support services. We are committed to intersectionality and fostering safe and welcoming spaces for everyone. The Cultural Advisory Committee is comprised of leaders from diverse cultural backgrounds, creatives, and artists who inform and influence our programs by evaluating and critiquing service delivery, processes and policies, and our work environment.

Member Commitments

Term Length

The term length for each member of the Cultural Advisory Council is a 1 year commitment.

Meeting Frequency

The Council meets quarterly but may create work groups and subcommittees that meet more frequently to work on specific projects and initiatives.


The Cultural Advisory Council is an advisory council of Foundation for Recovery. The group advises the organization on its programs and initiatives, and may work on ad hoc projects to support culturally component community-based recovery supports.


Each advisory council contains a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 21 members. The Council must appoint a council chair, vice chair, and secretary.

Inclusivity isn't just a priority. It's a necessity.

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Our Activities Calendar

  • One-on-one Peer Recovery Support
  • Mutual Aid Meetings & Support Groups
  • Women’s Empowerment Workshops
  • GED or High school Equivalent Preparation
  • Overdose Prevention Training and naloxone (Narcan) Access Point
  • Computers
  • Library
  • Bus Passes
  • Recycled Clothing (Caring Closet)
  • Peer Recovery Support Specialist Training
  • Lounge Area
  • Classrooms & meeting spaces

The Southern Nevada Recovery Community Center offers several spaces open to the groups and organizations to rent for meetings, support groups, trainings, and events. Learn more or contact for more information.

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Person-Directed Recovery

Person-centered recovery is directed, as much as possible by the person – including decisions about who should be included in the process.  The planning identifies just a few small, but meaningful, short-term changes that the individual can focus on helping to reduce some of the barriers or challenges moving forward.  Person centered care should be central to all recovery frameworks.

*Adapted from Person-Centered Care and Planning by Neal Adams, MD, MPH, and Diane Grieder, M.Ed.