Recovery Technology

Innovation, data, connection. We’re committed to infusing new technologies in our daily work to expand community recovery supports, offer better help, facilitate connections across Nevada, and illustrate the efficacy of peer recovery support services.

Bridging the gap for better outcomes

Technologies and mobile applications enhance our programs and initiatives by reaching and connecting communities and increasing the accessibility of recovery supports in Nevada and beyond. Our investment in recovery technology has allowed us to expand our offerings of trainings and education, create online social spaces to foster connection, advocacy, and support, and measure the efficacy of peer recovery support services.

Social network meets workforce development

Connect for Recovery

Connect for Recovery was developed by Foundation for Recovery as a social space for Nevada’s thriving recovery community and peer recovery support workforce. Our team identified a need for a centralized online environment where peer recovery support specialists and supervisors, the recovery community, families, and partners could collaborate and learn from each other.

The platform has online groups, job boards, events and activity feed, discussion threads, and a growing library of trainings and courses.

A Social Space and Learning Platform for Nevada's Recovery Community.

Training and Courses

Access a growing library of self-paced online courses and live, instructor-led trainings. Join cohorts of others working towards becoming Certified Peer Recovery Support specialists, obtain CEUs, or sharpen your skills as an advocate, provider, and leader in your community.


Join or start groups centered around topics and projects. Connect for Recovery groups offers safe places for Nevada's recovery communities to connect, support each other, and collaborate. Perfect for seasoned peer recovery support specialists and supervisors to mentor and support those newer to the workforce.

Job Board

Open to recovery friendly employers, providers, and the community. Post and search for open positions that you know are welcoming to the recovery community and families.

Events and Activities

Find a listing of all events, activities, meetings at Nevada's recovery community centers. Hosting something in your community? Post about it and get the word out to people and families in recovery.

Next-Generation Recovery Support


Foundation for Recovery was one of the first adopters and original partners of RecoveryLink™. The application connects individuals and organizations and helps them find and provide peer-based recovery support 24/7 at the touch of a button. RecoveryLink™ allows our Peer Recovery Support Specialists to connect directly with people seeking help, co-develop individual recovery plans, issue referrals, and provides rich data on the efficacy of our services.

Foundation for Recovery integrates Peer Recovery Support Specialists with several agencies across Nevada. Through these partnerships, we provide real-time data and outcome reporting to our partners so they know the positive impact peer support has had on their clients and community.

Recovery Link Data Dashboard

RecoveryLink™ is a suite of digital recovery support tools designed natively for recovery support providers.

Accessible Everywhere

Access RecoveryLink™ anywhere - in the office or on the go. With a fully responsive web dashboard, our peer recovery support specialists have access to an entire suite whether its from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Real-time Feedback and Analysis

RecoveryLink™ leverages over 800 data points to provide real-time feedback so we're able to navigate the recovery process using the Recovery Support Index (RSI).

In-person, Phone, or Video

Whether participants want to engage in-person, through a phone call, a text message, or video chat, the choice is theirs. RecoveryLink™ is HIPAA compliant and no matter how they engage, their privacy is our priority.

Predictive Analytics

RecoveryLink™ uses a proprietary Recovery Support Index to help peer staff know when a participant may need more, or less, support.

Incentivizing Recovery


Created by a team of technologists and data scientists, WEconnect is based on the most effective treatment for substance use disorder: providing rewards for positive behavior changes.

Foundation for Recovery began piloting WeConnect in early 2021. Eligible participants work with their Peer Recovery Support Specialists to develop their personalized recovery plan and daily routines.

Completion of goals set by the participant result in rewards and gift cards issued right through the app.

Participants can stay connected directly with their peer support specialist through chat, receive reminders about goals and milestones, and connect directly with daily online recovery meetings.

Image of WeConnect App
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WEconnect peer recovery support services (WE-PRSS) is a suite of flexibly delivered services provided by and for people in recovery.

Contingency Management

Utilizing Contingency Management (CM) - a type of behavioral therapy in which individuals are ‘reinforced’, or rewarded, for evidence of positive behavioral change.

Community Support

Users connect directly with their Peer Recovery Support Specialist at Foundation for Recovery and have access to daily online support meetings with others working on their recovery.

Individuazed Planning

Our peer recovery support specialists work with participants to develop an individualized recovery plan. Once they've established a plan and set goals for themselves, they earn rewards for accomplishing those goals and working on their self-care routines and recovery plan.

Managing Risk

The WeConnect algorithm continuously assesses risk of users and informs their Peer Recovery Support Specialist when their risk level increases.

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  • One-on-one Peer Recovery Support
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  • Overdose Prevention Training and naloxone (Narcan) Access Point
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The Southern Nevada Recovery Community Center offers several spaces open to the groups and organizations to rent for meetings, support groups, trainings, and events. Learn more or contact for more information.

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Person-Directed Recovery

Person-centered recovery is directed, as much as possible by the person – including decisions about who should be included in the process.  The planning identifies just a few small, but meaningful, short-term changes that the individual can focus on helping to reduce some of the barriers or challenges moving forward.  Person centered care should be central to all recovery frameworks.

*Adapted from Person-Centered Care and Planning by Neal Adams, MD, MPH, and Diane Grieder, M.Ed.