Social media is a wonderful tool for self-expression and constant support. Our apps are a significant part of our daily habits and rituals, and in most cases are a part of our beings. These platforms allow us to follow all of our favorite movie stars, musicians, friends from high school, and distant cousins. One of the reasons why I love social media is to connect with likeminded individuals for motivation, inspiration, and connection.

In recovery, there are times where we may feel different, or alone from those people we follow. A way I have found to connect to recovery via social media is to follow those who have made a recovery presence on Instagram. I follow hundreds of recovery profiles with quotes, before and after pictures, and tools to stay serene.

Here’s a list of Instagram profiles that are geared toward recovery in Las Vegas, NV:

  1. Soberinvegas -Sober in Vegas in recognized nationally for her unique perspective on having fun in Las Vegas sober! Kim visits several venues and shares these wonderful findings with the world to experience.
  2. Carlybbenson -Carly Benson is a sobriety coach and speaker about intentional living. She has traveled internationally to share her story and help others change their mind frame about recovery. She also directs on-line subscription-based recovery club called The Bloom Club.
  3. Recovery PAC -Nevada Recovery PAC is a political action committee based on advocating for prevention, treatment, and recovery rights for all. Anyone invested in recovery from addiction and mental health should follow this page.
  4. The Water Bar Lounge -The Water Bar Lounge is a social club in Henderson for people to connect and have fun with others in the community without the need for mind or mood altering substances. This profile offers a lot of great messages and exciting events within the Las Vegas community.
  5. Drug_genovention -Keith Turley’s profile is dedicated to helping those in Las Vegas find hope in recovery through advocacy. He also highlights harm reduction and stats to educate our community.
  6. The Fearless Kind -Caitlin and Dr. Sarah are Social Entrepreneurs and addiction treatment professionals, who developed this profile to empower women in recovery, reduce stigma, and provide encouragement to the Las Vegas community.
  7. Foundation for Recovery -Although I am a little bias, Foundation for Recovery, offering Peer Recovery Support Services in Las Vegas, has a great message of recovery on their Instagram profile. With inspiration, recovery stories, event listings, and education, they support all pathways to recovery and advocate for authentic peer recovery.


Chelsey Mony, Foundation for Recovery