1:00 pm – 3:00 via conference call

Members present: Heidi, Skip, Barbara, Lorna, Camille, Steve, JoAnna, Nancy

Members not present: Daniel, Crystal, Alyce, Autumn, Ali

Ad Hoc members present: Jeanyne, Denna, Trey

Members of the public present: Flora Boyer, Stuart Smith

Meeting began at 1:08pm

Agenda item #1 IC&RC update. Jeanyne was present at a peer credentialing board meeting held Nov 4 from 1:30 – 2:30 via conference call. Jeanyne took notes. Camille, JoAnna, Trey, Daniel, and Luana are members of the peer credentialing board. Michelle Berry and Natalie Powell went to the IC&RC meeting in Charleston in October to present the application for Individual Peer Certification and Individual Prevention Certification in Nevada under the Nevada Behavioral Health Association (formerly NVAADAPTS) which is the behavioral Health provider association the NV. IC&RC approved the application and gave us a 6 month grandfathering period within 2 years. The PCB (peer credentialing board) agreed to break this up into 3 month blocks starting Feb 2017-May 2017 with another period Feb 2018 – May 2018 to give the most opportunity for grandfathering. This means that the people who apply will NOT need to take the test. All of the information, marketing, how to apply, guidelines, education and supervisor requirements will be listed on the NBHA website by Jan 2017 http://www.nevadabha.org/. The peers who have already taken the 40 hr. training through CASAT or FFR will be surveyed to see if they feel a refresher course would be helpful. Also there is money for the first 20-25 peer’s applications to be paid for entirely through a scholarship. Heidi asked for a copy of the application that was submitted to IC&RC as well as the requirements for training. Jeanyne will forward to the group. Also Lorna asked about training providers in NV, Heidi will give her FFR’s training. Ultimately the PCB will decide what trainings will be accepted to apply for the certification. Nancy asked if this replaces the legislation that was passed. NO, it is different. The legislation that was passed is an agency model and is with HCQC in DPBH writing regulation. Luana was going to give us an update but she retired. Need to find new contact to give us an update.

Agenda item #2 update from Behavioral Health Committee – Barba to send Jeanyne notes

Agenda item #3 Strategic Planning. NPLAC was given copies of the strategic plan from the 2013 BRSS TACS meeting. It need to be updated. NPLAC decided since there is no budget for travel that we should meet in the North and South with each of the members who live in those areas (rural members will call in). Steve Burt to hose North and FFR to host south. Jeanyne to send doodle poll for North. This will be done in both locations by Dec 9. Then the entire group will meet via webinar to put the strategic plan together in Dec or Jan. Heidi asked if input from stakeholders (non- council members) is allowable. The group agreed that yes, anyone can give input.

Public Comment:

Joanna stated some of the link to the notes and Bylaws on the website were broken. Skip will look into it. He will also post the older strategic plan.

Heidi wanted to know if NPLAC has a voting date for new members or if any seats needed to be filled now? Jeanyne explained the process and there are several people whose 2 year commitment is up Jan 1, 2017. Jeanyne will send one last reminder and if she does not receive applications by that time, the council will move forward to replace those seats.

Nancy Snyder is resigning but nominated Flora Boyer to replace her in Elko. Jeanyne to reach out to Flora.

Meeting Adjourned 2:03 pm

Next meeting TBD via doodle poll