Peer Leadership Advisory Council Meeting Feb 11, 2015

Via Adobe Connect 9:00-10:00

Meeting called to order 9:06 am.

Members present:

Crystal, Daniel, Camille, Barbara, Skip, Alyce, Richard, JoAnna, Ali, Jeanyne, Luana

Members absent:

Nancy Snyder, Melissa Dewey (non responsive to e-mails and absent more than 3 times…no longer a member. We need to vote on this) Cynthia Matteson (Also absent more than 3 times, need to vote to remove her from council). Aaron Smith (per Skip Aaron had to drop from council) Denna and Michelle were missing from the Ad Hoc committee

Going forward, each member on the council has a membership date appointed as Jan 1, 2015. Each member has a two year term with options for reappointment to 4 years. The council admin will keep an ongoing list of applicants who are interested in joining the council after the 13 members are fulfilled. The Council calendar year takes effect Jan 1, 2015.

1st agenda item: Website updates. The council approved by vote to allow the Peer Alliance of Nevada information to be added to the website under a subsection of the website. JoAnna to e-mail an updated flyer to Jeanyne and Skip. The council discussed the language in Paragraph 4 of the “History of Peer to Peer” document. It was noted that the language needs to be updated and modernized. The current quotes are outdated and reinforce stereotypes. A subcommittee was formed that includes Camille, Skip, Luana, Alyce and JoAnna that will tackled the verbiage for the history of peer to peer language to include separate sections about mental health and substance abuse but also include a unifying statement that brings the two together. The members of the subcommittee with join together via phone or e-mail and have some preliminary drafts for the website by the next meeting. The state does not need to “approve” any language but they would like an opportunity to review it (Luana).

2nd agenda item: Membership. With Aaron stepping down we have 3 slots to fill in order to obtain 13 members. JoAnna mentioned possible applicant named Nick from Fallon and Camille mentioned a possible “Emerging Adult” candidate. The council agreed to allow a young adult seat on the council and noted its importance. Council also agreed it is a good idea to have 1 seat in the North and 1 seat in the South filled with a young adult. Skip also has a candidate in mind from US Vets. We have 4 possible candidates for 3 open seats. Council members are going to e-mail Jeanyne the contact info so she can reach out to potential candidates.

3rd agenda item: In person meeting. The council is required to meet 4 times per year with 1 in person meeting. The council decided to keep monthly meetings to keep momentum going for now. The in-person meeting will be in Reno on May 12, 2015. Jeanyne to start planning logistics and details.

4th agenda item: public comments. There were no public comments

5th agenda item: March meeting will be held Wed March 4 9:00-10:00 via adobe connect and conf call. Information and invitation will be e-mailed by Jeanyne.


  • Membership
  • Legislative Action or support from the council (please research the current calendar and BDR’s. Daniel will follow up with Steve Burt and Michelle Berry) Luana mentioned she is no longer Dave’s replacement for the council. Mike McMahon is now the contact for the funding of the block grant from DPBH.
  • Update on website verbiage

Motion to end meeting at 9:56 am. Meeting ended.