NPLAC Meeting Notes

March 24, 2017 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Via Zoom

Meeting began 10:03 AM

In attendance: Jeanyne Ward, Camille Jones, Barbara Jackson, Natalie Powell, Stuart Smith, Chelsea Mony, Shannon Egan, JoAnna Rios, Steve Burt, Lorna Lizotte, Trey Delap, Heidi Gustafson

Absent: Daniel Fred, Michelle Berry

Members and Ad Hoc members who left council: Crystal Hallock, Skip Farley, Nancy Snyder, Ali McCurdy, Autumn Smith, Denna Atkinson, Luana Ritch, Mike McMahon

Due to the absence of the chair and co-chair, the council agreed for Jeanyne to lead the meeting

Agenda item #1 Natalie Powell from Nevada Behavioral Health Association gave an update on the individual voluntary peer certification through IC&RC under NBHA. The grandfathering period opens June 1st 2017 for 6 months. Peer who qualify can apply with no IC&RC test and a reduced fee (40.00). To find details about the requirements for certification, visit the website

Agenda item #2 Steve Burt gave an update on AB194 Peer Certification bill introduced by Assemblywoman Daniel Moreno with backing by Dr Gary Fisher. You can read the bill HERE Steve urged the group to pay attention as important bills were being introduced every day. He also urged the group to get involved with this bill. The bill would require peer certification and oversight by LADC board. Some major problems with the language and the LADC board has had some meetings with assemblywoman about changes to the language. She has put a Mock addendum out today. Steve asked NPLAC members to take a look at the bill and the mock addendum to provide feedback he could use at the hearing. The group will put together a white paper once the hearing has happened to respond to questions that council members might have and give guidance during the committee work group. Jeanyne will send the info to NPLAC and members will send back edits to the bill for Steve. Camille will try and represent MH peers during the hearing on April 3.

Agenda item #3 Strategic plan NPLAC has been waiting for the So Nevada members to develop their strategic plan. Stuart Smith expressed apologies on behalf of the representation for FFR. There have been many changes in leadership and they have dropped the ball and missed opportunities with NPLAC. He expressed that they need to step up their leadership, engagement and they want to represent the broader recovery community. Stuart will organize the So. Nevada Strategic plan meeting. Hoping to have it finished in a month. Jeanyne will send him the So. Nevada members contact info. FFR will continue to maintain the website as well as updating it. The strategic plan will take a look at the existing bylaws (there is current confusion) and hoping to include multiple pathways for membership (faith, 12 step, MAT, etc.). They hope to align the strategic plan with the bylaws and mission and vision.

Agenda item #4 – Jeanyne update the NPLAC members on the call that the current membership is as such: North members (Daniel, Camille, Barbara, Steve) South Members (Heidi, Lorna (VA), JoAnna). Need NPLAC members to reach out to rural and frontier NV.

Public Comment and Announcements:

Camille said Peer Alliance of Nevada (PAN) is looking for new leadership and board members. If you know anyone- please contact Camille. Peerlink will be in town in May helping with this process.

NPLAC members need to get Steve the edits to AB194 language soon since the hearing for AB194 has been scheduled for Monday April 3rd by the Assembly Commerce and Labor Committee, starting at 1:30pm in Room 4100

Meeting adjourned 10:34 pm

Next meeting was not set, Jeanyne will send date and details soon.