Peer Council May 17, 2016 Meeting Notes

Members in attendance: Skip Farley, Daniel Fred, Jo Anna Rios, Camille Jones, Ali McCurdy, Alyce Thomas, Nancy Snyder

Members not in attendance: Barbara Jackson, Crystal Hallock, Steve Burt, Autumn Smith, Roxie Johnson, Lona Lizotte

Ad Hoc members present: Denna Atkinson, Jeanyne Ward, Try Delap, Chelsea, Jordan Fugate

Meeting began at 9:32 am with a quorum present.

Agenda item #1 Membership Review. Jeanyne said our Bylaws state we need 13 m3mbers and we have exactly 13 members. Roxy and Crystal have not been on last 2 quarterly calls. Skip and Daniel to e-mail them to see if they are still interested in participating on the council. Jeanyne mentioned that some member’s membership expires Jan 2017 and will need re appointment application in July 2016. Jeanyne to forward the new member application that is on file out to the council so the council can edit it to create a rea appointment application. Jeanyne will take the edits from the group and make a new application and will send it out. Final approval will be at our next meeting.

Agenda item #2 ByLaws and compliance. Everyone on council received the last updated copy of the bylaws. No one had any changes. We will revisit this at the next meeting.

Agenda item #3 Sub Committee updates. Jeanyne sent the council a draft version of the regulations the subcommittee has been working on for SB489. The problem in the current language was there was no definition of what a peer recovery specialist was. The body of regulations needs to be outlined and submitted to the state before the next legislative session begins. If we do not make this deadline we could offer a BDR to change the language in this bill. Daniel to get with Steve Burt if we decide to go this route. Try needs clarification from the council on

Scope of practice
Peer Training
The council will continue to work on the draft regulations with e-mails to Try and at our next in person meeting.

Agenda item #4 in person meeting planning – According to the Bylaws the council is required to meet at least 4x per year. 3 meetings will be via conf call with the 4th being in person if there is a travel budget. Michelle Berry to confirm if there is a travel budget. The alternative to an in person meeting in Las Vegas is to video conference the meeting from Reno to Vegas and Elko. The next meeting was set for Monday June 20, 2016 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Jeanyne will let council know the details of the meeting.

Agenda item #5 General updates and notifications. Camille is going to send a notice about MAD Day in Reno in July. Jeanyne will forward to the group. Jeanyne mentioned e-mails she has been sending about upcoming conferences are marketing only. Council is not required to attend. Daniel mentioned he has accepted a new job at Transforming Youth Recovery. His last day at CASAT/UNR is today. He introduced Jordan Fugate who is taking over as project manager at NRAP and will serve on the council as Ad Hoc member.

Public Comment: Denna talked about a software FFR is implementing (Recovery Wellness Software on CPRSS website) that will quantify peer recovery for marketing and funding. She needs some help with the mental health piece, she will reach out to Robyn Priest and Jo Anna offered to help as well.

Camille mentioned Robyn’s e-mail information and it would be great information for the council to review as the standards are already laid out and provided the mental health piece that our state may be lacking.

Denna, There is curriculum in the peer support training that addresses separate addictions, not just mental health and substance use disorders. The training is all under the behavioral health umbrella.

Meeting adjourned 10:32 am

Next meeting Monday June 20, 2016.Possibly in person 9:00 – 4:00 Jeanyne to send details.